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Finding A Home Near Your Favorites
Summer is the Season to Buy or Sell!4:05
Assistance for First-Time Home Buyers4:00
Meeting Kelly2:58
What is a Brokers3:02
Home with Rooms and Charm to Spare!3:08
Grow Your Own Greenhouse - Boardman, Ohio3:11
Ranch Homes + Blueprints2:46
Buying or Selling a Furnished Home2:49
Non-Standard-Shaped Parcels of Land3:15
Lakefront Properties2:24
Commercial Properties & Car Washes3:19
Vintage + Updated Homes2:45
Staging your home for sale?3:10
Super Garages!2:26
Super Garages!
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Knowing if a home is right for you!2:58
A Perfect Home for Entertaining2:18
Two Homes in One!2:53
Fall 2023 Real Estate and Interest Rate Outlook3:43
Acreage & Outdoor Space - Canfield, Ohio3:03
Unique Design Touches3:25
Emotional Attachment3:30
Inheriting Property - What to do?3:56
Porches, Patios & Outdoor Spaces3:04